Maggie Butt


Pocket-sized poems in a limited edition, pocket sized book, published in 2010 by Hearing Eye.

“Maggie Butt’s miniatures are witty, wise, original and compassionate, with a vision which ranges from the mundane to the sublime, and a concern for the language and craft of poetry which is apparent on every page.”  James Aitchison

“Here are poems that are lyrical, highly-visual, and that dance off the page with delightful immediacy. In exquisitely-framed cameos, Maggie Butt explores relationships and events with an eye to the paradoxes and ironies.”  Katherine Gallagher

“These small poems are tender, hopeful and unreasonably delightful.”  Helena Nelson

“Maggie Butt is a poet with a supple intelligence which joins neatly with her sense of music.  This makes her take on reality a pleasure to read.”  Sebastian Barker

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