Maggie Butt


Lipstick was Maggie’s first full collection, published in 2007 by Greenwich Exchange.

Reviews of Lipstick:

“Maggie Butt needs only to be better known to be widely acclaimed. Her fantasy “On My 85th Birthday” strikes me as the funniest thing of its kind since Jenny Joseph’s famous “Warning.” Robert Nye

“powerful writing … sharp insight here as well as moving, lyrical writing.” Dilys Wood, Second Light Newsletter.

“Gems of imagery and quirky glimpses”… “original formal crafting”…”You’ll have a heightened sensitivity to the world around you afterwards.” Orbis – Quarterly International Literary Journal.

“If these poems were wrapped around fish I’d peel them off and save them.” “scrupulous…great range…breathtaking…playful, poignant. ” Envoi

“Why is poetry so rarely good-hearted? Maggie Butt’s is a shining exception. Her generous work enfolds the hopes of a GI bride, the perfectionism of an anorexic girl and the cardboard of a child’s crown. Her poems are sympathetic, skilful – and surprising.” Alison Brackenbury

“A gift for empathy, a talent for fresh expression, a distinctive voice – three qualities that make a poet worth reading. Maggie Butt’s work has these qualities, and, most importantly, a vigour of expression and gift for metaphor.” William Oxley

Lipstick was launched in 2007 at Keats House in Hampstead.

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