Maggie Butt

A Wasted Year

My dearest Mabel,

I feel rather depressed lately. I am very sorry I upset you at your
visit. You do not look as you used to, you look much too thin in
the face, the result of worry or starving. It seems the letters are
more slow lately, it takes a week to come.

I am sorry to disappoint you as I see you expected to see me in
a better state of mind. I try to smile but it seems too hard at
times. I have had no letter from you this week.


It will be 12 months away from you by the time you get this.
A wasted year of my life never to return.

Thank you for the butter, milk and cake. It seems to me if
I took it from your mouth.

Good bye my dearest with fondest love
and lots of kisses to you and the babes.

Benny Cseh
Extracts from letters, June to July 1916